Neudorff CleanLawn Concentrate - Moss Control for Lawns - 1L

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Organic Moss Control for Lawns Concentrate Organic moss control for lawns - effectively combats moss. Rapid, lasting action. Works within hours, even at low temperatures. Active ingredient content. Does not contain iron, so will not leave rust stains on stepping stones in the lawn.

Product Sku: 315583

  • Active ingredient content 186.7 g/l pelargonic acid
  • Fast visible results
  • Non-selective moss killer with contact action
  • For use on lawns and turf
  • Biodegradable


  • Mix 17 ml with 1 L of water to treat one square metre of lawn
  • Drench the moss thoroughly to guarantee an optimum absorption of the active ingredient
  • 1 L of concentrate is sufficient for up to 60 m²