Buying Roses in Winter - A Guide For Customers

Buying Roses in Winter - A Guide For Customers

Published: 10th January 2020
Buying Your Rose

All the roses that come from our growers between November and April have been grown in their fields, lifted when they are dormant, and then potted up ready for the season ahead. They are known as ‘containerised’ roses. They have the same root system as ‘bareroot’ roses, but differ in that they are already placed in a growing medium that will sustain them, and allow them to establish an extensive root system ready for the growing year ahead. This means that our roses remain healthy and thriving up to the point we sell them on to you our customer.


Before removing your rose from its container give it a thorough watering. Prepare the planting area by forking over the soil and removing any stones and weeds. Dig a hole approximately 40cm wide and 60cm deep and then break up the ground at the base of the hole with a fork. Add a spadeful of well-rotted manure to the hole to provide your rose with vital nutrients. On removing the rose from its container the compost will fall away, exposing the roots. Sprinkle the roots and the base of the planting hole with mycorrhizal fungi. Place the rose in the centre of the planting hole to the correct depth, with the swollen area (graft union) planted just below soil level. This can be measured using a bamboo cane placed across the hole at soil level. Refill the hole with the removed soil, carefully firming it in with your foot to ensure that the rose is secure and there are no air pockets in the soil. Water your rose in thoroughly.

If you’re still uncertain about what to look out for or the best method for ensuring that your plants remain happy and healthy throughout Winter, then visit your local Scotsdales store and speak with a member of our knowledgeable plant teams today.