Cambridge Flower School Christmas Table Arrangement Demonstration

Published: 14th December 2018

We’re enjoying a flower-filled Christmas at Scotsdales, most recently with the brilliant and informative Cambridge Flower School. On Wednesday 12th December, they presented their Christmas Table Arrangement Demonstration at our Great Shelford store.

Packed with great ideas to make your table pack a floral punch this Christmas, they wowed with three designs for all tastes: A circular candle holder with natural drape of foliage finished with deep red velvet roses; a recycled display made from upcycled glass jars and pheasant feathers for a rustic and contemporary style that really utilized coppery tones (the metallic of the moment); and, lastly, an icy white dome of roses and pinecones for a classy wintery design.

Missed it? Here are a few top tips from the floristry wizards, Sarah and Gussie:

  • Be sure to thoroughly soak your Oasis to make your centrepiece last as long as possible. And remember, an Oasis is flammable so mind how close your foliage will be to the flame!  
  • Foliage lasts longer than cut flowers, so why not dress your Oasis with foliage up to 4 days before it’s needed then add the flowers on the day?

Roses have an airlock in the very top of the stem which is why they can droop if not prepared correctly. The Cambridge Flower School recommends placing your roses in warm water for about 30 seconds to release the air bubble!


Have you been inspired to make your own table arrangement this year? Why not take cuttings from your Christmas tree or see what’s available from your garden?