Children's Gardening Tips

Gardens can be a fun and educational place for children to play and learn, that’s why encouraging gardening will not only benefit the environment, but a child’s well being as well. 

Children enjoy ownership and the feeling of having control over what they’re doing can make a huge difference how successful the introduction of a new environment can be. When showcasing the benefits of gardening, its worth setting aside a small plot of soil or a couple of pots that are uniquely managed by children.  

Flowers that are easy to grow

Start with flowers that are easy to grow from seeds to make children’s first impressions of gardening positive ones. First time success can have a huge impact on a child’s desire to garden. 

A few easy flowers to grow from seeds are marigolds, sunflowers and poppies.

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Edible Plants

Not all gardening is about looking at nice plants, some can be eaten and this can be another great way to encourage growth and care for plant life. 

Plants that we recommend to grow include lettuce, courgettes, runner beans, peppers, tomatoes and fruit plants such as strawberries and blueberries. 

Using the right tools

Children may also find it more appealing to garden if they have the correct tools for the task in hand. We have a range of Kids sized tools from Kent and Stowe that are ideal for little hands. 

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