Autumn Bulbs

At Scotsdales we aim to provide the best quality that we can. For plant life this often comes in the form of a bulb. Planting bulbs at the right time of year can be essential to the success of your plants growth and maturity. We sell our bulbs on a seasonal basis to make sure that our customers are only buying from us when the time is right to do so. 

Autumn Bulbs now in stock!

Consequently, we will be opening our Autumn bulb departments across all three Scotsdales stores on the week commencing Monday 5th August.

All of our stock will come with complete instructions on how and when to activate changes, so whether you're a gardening connoisseur or a novice, you will be able to create the green space to suit you. 

For a colourful garden in 2020, start planting now!

Starting from scratch?

If you're new to gardening or are unfamiliar with the best methods for planting bulbs, then there is no need to be intimidated. Our plant experts are on hand to provide advice and guidance whenever necessary.

We also have a large selection of compost options to suit various plant species to maximise on growth. Click here to learn more about our composting options instore. 

If you're looking for a pot to plant your bulbs, or to transition them to a new home, then why not take a look at our pot and container options available at all three of our Scotsdales stores. Click here to learn more about our available options.