Scotsdales is passionate about plants and 100% committed to sourcing and supplying the healthiest, happiest plants we can. For us this means working with trustworthy growers throughout the UK and Europe who share our values and our passion.

We will always prioritise to our local growers first for our stock requirements and only when they cannot supply what we believe to be the best plants for our customers at prices you are happy to pay, will we look further afield. We are extremely proud of British horticulture and will always look to support “local” before crossing the water.

Our range of houseplants includes, but is not limited to: orchids, bonsai plants, flytraps, air purifying plants, sanservieria, cacti, ficus, lucky bamboo, and many more. 

At present we are unable to offer the option to purchase our plants online. However, you are more than welcome to come to any of our three sites in the Cambridge area to browse through our selection of houseplants and flowers. We're also on hand to provide advice for the best method of care and attention to provide your plants to keep them as healthy as possible. 

Looking for a specific plant?

Then please click here to use our online Plant Finder page which will provide information about a wealth of plants and will also indicate which species that Scotsdales stocks.