Brussels sprouts

Prepare the soil in the same way that you would for any cabbage crop, and add additional fertiliser before planting.

Sowing time

March – April


Crop care

Birds can be a problem for sprouts, so you may need to protect the seedlings from sparrows and the mature crop from pigeons. Hoe regularly to keep weeds down. Water the plants during dry weather, but mature crops rarely need watering if the soil has been properly prepared. Brussels sprouts respond well to being given a foliar feed in early summer


Begin picking the sprouts (buttons) at the base of the stem when they have reached the size of a walnut and are still tightly closed. Snap them off with a downward tug or cut them off with a sharp knife. Work up the stem at each cropping session, removing yellow leaves and any open sprouts as you go. Remove only a few sprouts at a time from each stem. When all the sprouts have gone, cut off the stem tops and cook as a cabbage. Dig up and dispose of the stems.