Pick a reasonably sunny spot, which has not been used to grow cabbages or any other brassicas in the past 3 years. As with all brassicas, a firm, non-acid soil is best, with reasonable drainage. Prepare the site a couple of months before by digging some extra humus into the soil, and apply a Growmore or similar fertiliser 2 weeks before planting

Sowing time

  • Spring: July – August
  • Winter: March – May
  • Summer: April – May


Crop care

Protect your seedlings from sparrows and pigeon, and hoe around the crop until the plants are large enough to suppress weeds. Water if the weather is dry. Always apply a liquid feed as the heads begin to mature. In autumn, you can earth-up the stems of spring cabbage. During winter, firm down any plants loosened by wind or frost.


In March, thin out the spring cabbage rows, cooking young leaves as tasty spring greens, and leaving the remaining plants to   up for cutting in April or May. Cabbages are harvested by cutting with a sharp knife close to ground level. With spring and summer varieties, cut a 1/2” deep cross into the stump, and a second crop of small cabbages will appear.