Chinese cabbages

With their mild flavour and crisp texture, these are excellent in salads, or lightly cooked. Prepare the soil in the normal way, and apply high nitrogen feed prior to planting. Chinese cabbages require temperatures of 20–25ºC (68–77ºF) so autumn planting helps to stop them bolting.

Sowing time

September – October.

Crop care

Thin out plants to 30cm (12”) apart. Make sure the soil is moist – this is vital for obtaining a good crop. Chinese cabbages have soft leaves, so pests can be a real problem, and it’s advisable to protect the plants with tunnels and mesh until they get established. Apply a liquid feed after the first 4 weeks, but don’t bother with feeding through the winter.


Your crop will be ready 8 – 10 weeks after sowing and can be harvested at any time, since they respond well to cut and come again treatment both after the main heads have been cut, and during growth of semi-mature plants.