If you’d like to grow cucumbers outside and in a pot, the dwarf variety Delta is probably your best option.

Sowing time

End of May – June.

How to grow

Plant your cucumber seedlings in John Innes no.3 compost in 10” pots or growbags. Cucumbers need well-drained soil in a sunny spot, and protecting them from strong winds is essential. Pinch out each plant’s growing tip when it has developed 6 or 7 leaves – side shoots will then develop, and these can be left to trail over the ground or be trained up stout netting. Any shoots not bearing flowers should be pinched out at the 7th leaf.

Keep the soil moist, and water around the plants, not over them. Mist them lightly in dry weather, and place black polythene over the soil in summer before the fruit forms. This will raise the soil temperature, conserve moisture, keep down weeds and protect the fruits from rot. Once the fruits have started to swell, feed the plants with liquid tomato fertiliser. Fertilisation is essential, using male flowers to pollinate fruiting flowers before discarding them. Female fruits can be recognised by the small fruit behind the flower head.