Cucumbers: varieties

Greenhouse: all-female types

  • F1 Bella
  • F1 Palermo
  • F1 Carmen
  • F1 Cucino
  • F1 Tiffany

Greenhouse normal

  • F1 Byblos
  • Telegraph Improved

Mini cucumbers

  • F1 Baribal (female type)
  • F1 Prima Top
  • F1 Sunsweet

Ridge (outdoor)

  • F1 Burpless Tasty Green
  • Long Green Ridge
  • Marketmore

Scotsdales star tip

To ripen green fruits at the end of the season, lay them on a tray and put them into a drawer. Next to the tray, add a couple of ripe apples to help generate the ripening gas ethylene.