French beans

Dwarf french beans are well-suited to growing in pots, and we’d recommended varieties like Masterpiece, Purple Queen, Safari, Sprite, Tendergreen and the Prince.

Sowing time

May – June.

How to grow

French beans will grow in any reasonable soil providing it’s not heavy or acid. Pick a reasonably sunny spot, with shelter from high winds. Sow seeds 2” deep and about 4” apart into a 10” pot or a growbag. Protect the plants from slugs, and support them with small pea sticks to prevent them from toppling over. Keep the root area moist at all times to ensure pod development and a longer cropping period. Water your beans regularly if the weather turns dry during or after the flowering period. Mulching around the stems will also help keep the moisture in. Once you’ve harvested the pods, apply a liquid feed, and you may get a second crop too.