These form large, productive, healthy plants with glossy leaves that can grow up to 30cm (12”) long and 18cm (7”) wide. Their flavour resembles cabbage, with a touch of spinach, and they can be eaten cooked, raw and finely sliced in salads.

Sowing time

March – April.

Crop care

Komatsuna can tolerate temperatures down to -12ºC, with similar care to mizuna. Plants are less likely to bolt from early spring sowings than most oriental varieties, and are more drought tolerant too. Protect the young plants from birds initially, and thin them out to 10cm or 45cm, depending on the size of your final crop is to grow. A liquid feed every 6 – 10 days can be beneficial.


Leaves can be used at all stages, and plants are mature plants about 8 weeks after sowing.