The easiest lettuces to grow in containers are the cut-and-come-again salad varieties, which will supply you with a steady harvest. The soil needs to be neutral-alkaline, have adequate organic matter and to be kept moist throughout the life of the crop. Choose a sunny or lightly shaded site.

Sowing time

Can be sown throughout the year depending on the variety.

How to grow

Sow lettuces thinly about 1/2” deep at 4-6 week intervals to provide yourself with a continuous harvest for a longer period, especially with the cut-and-come-again varieties. You can also grow beet leaves and spinach in this way. Thin the seedlings as soon as the first true leaves appear: water them the day before thinning, and continue thinning at intervals until the plants are 12” apart. Put slug pellets down and protect plants from birds. Hoe regularly and keep unprotected plants watered (lettuce plants undercover should be kept slightly drier). Always water in the morning, and ideally harvest lettuce first thing in the morning too. Cut-and-come-again lettuce doesn’t produce a firm heart, so you can cut it as and when you need it fresh for salads.