Mizuna greens

Mizuna greens can be eaten cooked or raw after harvesting young, tender leaves. They’re adaptable and capable of tolerating high summer temperatures (providing they are kept moist) as well as winter temperatures down to -10C. Planting in prepared soil, where peas or beans have previously grown so that the soil is rich in nitrogen, is beneficial.

Sowing time

March – April or September – October.

Crop care

Mizuna greens be sown throughout the growing season, and they’re quite resistant to bolting. Space out small plants to 10cm (4”) if you plan to harvest them young, up to 45cm (18”) for mature plants. Mizuna greens are very useful for intercropping – if you cut them at the seedling stage, you can also use them for cut-and-come-again.


Seedling leaves are ready within 2 – 3 weeks, and mature plants are ready 8 – 10 weeks after sowing, but you can harvest them at all stages. These plants are vigorous, and capable of resprouting several times after the initial cut.