Oriental mustard

Oriental mustard

Like other oriental brassicas, these are fast-growing, so prepare the ground prior to planting adding lots of organic matter and a high general feed with a high nitrogen content. Or plant where peas and beans have grown the year before. Requires moisture retentive and fertile well-drained soil.

Sowing time

June – August.

Crop care

Sow into shallow soil or modules. Plant out or space out plants to 15cm (6”) apart for harvesting young, or 35cm (14”) apart for larger plants. If they are planted under cover in autumn, oriental mustards will be tender, but will run to seed earlier the following spring. Being shallow-rooted, these plants will require a good supply of water, as well as early protection from birds, using mesh-covered tunnels.


Oriental mustards mature in 6 – 13wks, depending on the variety. Cut single leaves as required for stir-frying, steaming or using young leaves in salads. If you cut them 1” above ground level, they should sprout again for a second crop.