Pak choi

Prepare the soil in the usual way choosing a fertile and moist soil.

Pak choi is mild in flavour, so you can eat the young leaves in a salad, or cook it simply and quickly. It grows best in temperate climates of 15 – 20°C, in moist, fertile soil. Apply Growmore prior to planting. Most varieties will tolerate some frost in the open, but it usually survives better under cover in lower temperatures.

Sowing time

March-April or August-October.

Crop care

There is a risk of premature bolting when pak choi is sown in spring. Sow the seed in modules or straight into the soil, then thin the young plants out to 10cm (4”) or 45cm (18”) depending on the variety and the size of the final crop. Thinnings can be used immediately in the kitchen. Protect from birds at the early stages with netting.


Pak choi can be harvested at any stage from 3 week old seedlings to mature plants. Seedling leaves can be cut to 2.5cm (1”) above the ground to provide a second crop. As with the mature plants, just make sure you leave a slightly longer stalk.