Sugarbon is a dwarf variety of pea which does well in containers. It’s an early-maturing, heavy cropping variety with short, broad, flat tasty pods.

Sowing time

Sow from mid-March onwards.

How to grow

Plant your peas into a growbag or large container with adequate humus and a non-acid soil. Seeds need to be approximately 6” apart and 2” deep. Avoid too much fertiliser, and start protecting from birds immediately after sowing, using black cotton stretched around a support, or branches over the surface of the container. When the plants are 3” tall, push in twigs as a support, otherwise slugs may cause damage.

Water the plants well during dry spells in summer. A pod is ready for picking when it is well filled, but while there is still a little air space between each pea. Harvest from the bottom of the stem up. Use two hands, one to hold the stem and one to pick the pods. Pick peas regularly, because pods left to mature will reduce your total yield unless you intend to dry them for later use.