Radishes are easy to grow and mature relatively fast. For a classic, appealing appearance, choose a globular variety like Scarlet Globe or Sparkler.

Sowing time

March – June.

How to grow

Radishes prefer reasonably fertile soil which is well-drained and rich in humus. Choose a sunny spot for spring sowing, but a summer crop will need some shade, which you can achieve by sowing them in between other crops.

Decent growing conditions are essential for quick growth, tenderness and flavour. To plant in a growbag, cut the top out of the bag, leaving some plastic around the side. Loosen up the soil to produce a fine tilth, and sow your radish seeds thinly about 1/2” deep. Alternatively, you could plant them into containers using multi-purpose compost. To avoid overcrowding, thin out the plants to get about 6” between them, and water them regularly when the weather is hot and dry. Start harvesting your radishes when they reach the size of a 10p coin.