Tomatoes: indoor

To reduce the risk of root pests and other soil diseases, tomatoes are best grown in ring culture, growbags or by planting them into 9” pots filled with compost. You can also grow tomatoes in border soil. Prepare the soil in winter, dig in peat and a small amount of compost and manure, then rake in some Growmore fertiliser shortly before planting. This only works if the soil is either sterile or changed regularly.

Sowing time

Heated greenhouse: February – March. Cold greenhouse: April – May.

Crop care

See our advice on crop care for outdoor varieties. Mist the plants and tap the supports occasionally to aid pollination and fruit set. Ventilation is essential in summer – shade the glass with cool-grass when the temperature reaches 80°F. When plants have reached the top of the greenhouse, or when 7 trusses have set, remove the growing tip 2 leaves above the top truss. Feed with a soluble feed or liquid tomato food every time you water, and don’t let the growbags dry out.


Pick fruits when they are ripe and fully covered. Hold the tomato in your palm, and use your thumb to break off the fruit at the knuckle (the swelling on the stalk).