In the Garden... October

In the Garden... October

Published: 1st October 2019

In the garden… October.

Keep the garden looking it’s best with these ten top tops for October.

  1. Wallflowers, winter pansies, forget-me-nots, primulas and other hardy spring-flowering bedding plants should now be planted into well-prepared ground or patio pots and containers.
  2. Early autumn is the ideal time to scarify, aerate and top-dress lawns with an autumn lawn food.

  3. Harvest apples and pears as they ripen, store undamaged fruits in a cool, dark but well ventilated position. Check regularly for any signs of rot or vermin damage.

  4. Continue planting spring-flowering bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and alliums. These can all be planted in beds and borders, as well as pots and containers.
  5. Sow over-wintering broad beans, either in situ or, in pots to over-winter in a cold frame.
  6. Bring all tender plants into a heated greenhouse or conservatory before the first of the winter frosts. Spray plants with a combined insecticide and fungicide to prevent any pests and diseases from over-wintering.
  7. Turf or re-seed any bare patches in lawns – sow a quick-germinating grass seed.
  8. Perpetual fruiting strawberries can be planted outside now for fruits early next summer, or in pots or troughs in the greenhouse for an even earlier crop.
  9. Lift dahlia tubers after the first frost has blackened their foliage. Once lifted, remove any soil and turn them upside down in a dry, but frost-free position for a week, then lightly dust them with yellow sulphur and bury them in pots or boxes in dry sand or compost.

  10. Store potatoes in hessian or paper sacks; keep them in a dark, cool but frost-free place.

Make sure to visit our blogs later this month when we’ll be back with more jobs to get the best during these autumn season.