What is National Nest Box Week ?

Over the past twenty years National Nest Box Week (NNBW) has become an established part of the ornithological calendar. It is an important time of year for wild birds in the UK, and NNBW is aimed at adding focus for nesting birds, to assist with their breeding season. Everyone can play a part and chose to help, even the smallest effort can make a huge difference. 

NNBW is a time where keen bird enthusiasts can go the extra mile to provide a strong foundation for the next generation of fledglings, those new to the world of birds can provide support with shelter and/or food and organisations can create further awareness of the positive impact that we as a community can have on Britain's wildlife population. 

When is it?

National Nest Box Week runs from 14th to 21st February 2019, but anyone can do thier part at anytime of the year and make sure that birds have a place to nest.

How can we help?

The easiest things that we can do as a community is provide food and shelter for our wild birds. At Scotsdlaes, we have a wide selection of items in each of our three stores: Great Shelford, Fordham & Horningsea to make this easy for all. We have a wide selection of nesting boxes suitable for various spiecies such as robins, blue tits, sparrows, great tits, finches and many more. We also have a plethora of feed options such as sunflower seeds, fat and suet balls and peanut feeders. 


You can view some of our available bird boxes and feed online here, or come instore to see our full range available throughout the year.

A few Do's and Don'ts of Nest Boxes


  • Do buy a box made of insulating material such as wood or woodcrete, and of a sufficient thickness (no less than 15mm).
  • Do choose a box which allows easy access to look at
  • the contents.
  • Do get your box up before or during NNBW so it's
  • ready for prospecting birds.


  • Don't site your box where it will be in full sunlight, this can cause the contents to overheat.
  • Don't use a box with a perch. These can allow access to predators such as squirrels.
  • Don't place the box close to a bird feeder. Visiting birds could disturb the nesting pair.

Click here to download the BTO Nest Boxes Essential Guide

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