Happy Healthy Plants

Happy, Healthy Plants from Scotsdales!

Scotsdales is passionate about plants and 100% committed to sourcing and supplying the healthiest, happiest plants we can. For us this means working with trustworthy growers throughout the UK and Europe who share our values and our passion. We will always prioritise to our local growers first for our stock requirements and only when they cannot supply what we believe to be the best plants for our customers at prices you are happy to pay, will we look further afield. We are extremely proud of British horticulture and will always look to support “local” before crossing the water.

Our happy plants policy

Our plants need to be happy plants! We want to ensure that they are grown by the right people, transported in the right conditions and once in our stores, treated with care and the attention required to ensure that they flourish once in our customers’ homes & gardens.

Our Healthy plants policy

We work closely with experts to ensure that we are always aware of the latest health issues affecting the horticulture industry. On known issues, we have a firm policy.

• Neonicotinoids – we believe that plants and gardens should always have a positive influence on the environment and on our native wildlife. To this end we work closely with all of our plant suppliers to ensure that we avoid stocking any plants which may be harmful to bees, insects or any other creatures in our gardens & environment.

  • Xylella – The impact of this disease is yet to be realised and as such, our commitment to limiting this impact has been to cease stocking the most susceptible plants as well as no longer purchasing any of the major host plants from overseas growers.

Our expectation now is that all of our UK plant stock must have originated in the UK and our growers are required to provide documentation to confirm when requested. On occasions, this may mean we have little or no stock of a particular plant or variety but our commitment to the health & welfare of British Gardens is far more important than achieving a sale.

  • Plant Passports – The system which has been established to strengthen traceability of plants is one which we proactively support & partake in.

The Scotsdales guaranteed commitment to Happy and Healthy plants!

We truly believe that our hardy plants are happy & healthy plants and that they will flourish in your garden for years to come. Our commitment is such that we will guarantee your plants for 1 year from purchase – no quibbles! All we ask is that in the unlikely event of you needing to return a plant, please bring the plant with you as well as your receipt. We can then exchange the plant for you or give you a refund if we haven’t got the same plant in stock.