Our plant guarantee

Here at Scotsdales, we take great care to make sure that every one of our plants reaches you in tip-top condition.

Almost all plants need gentle treatment and sensible care when you get them home. But don’t worry, we promise to replace any outdoor plant which dies or isn’t true to name for up to a year after you buy it, provided you’ve cared for it in a reasonable way, and can bring it back to us with proof of purchase and our own label.

To make everything easier for you, we’ve put together this list of handy hints about choosing and looking after your new plant:

  1. Firstly, it’s well worth asking for advice to make sure you’re buying the right plant for where you want it to go in your garden. Our experts are always here to help.
  2. When you get your new plant home, water it thoroughly before planting it into the ground or pot.
  3. Make a hole that is twice the depth and width of your plant’s root ball.
  4. Add planting compost and some of the right kind of fertiliser to encourage root growth.
  5. Plant firmly, staking trees and tall shrubs. Set the rootball to the same depth as the pot, and never deeper unless instructed by the label to do otherwise.
  6. Water your plant well after planting, and always provide a gap through mulches to allow direct watering to the rootball. Larger trees and specimens plants will benefit from having a small pipe from above the surface of the ground direct to the base of their roots – ask us for more advice about this.
  7. Continue to water thoroughly during the summer, or when the ground is dry.
  8. If you need to return your plant for any reason, please phone our experienced outdoor plant team on 01223 842777, or come in for some advice. You can also contact us by email at enquiries@scotsdales.com
  9. If you would like to make a claim, please bring the plant back to us with proof of purchase.