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Scotsdales is passionate about plants and 100% committed to sourcing and supplying the healthiest, happiest plants we can. We also appreciate that certain circumstances can play a huge part in the long-term survival of plants, but working toegther, we can help make a differerence. Whether it's looking at the appropriate time of year to buy specific plants or new pests are on the loose, we want to cover all topics to help keep plants thriving. 

Discover Primroses at Scotsdales

Relevent months: February 2020

Let’s get spring underway by celebrating a colourful British grown favourite, the primrose. We’ll be painting the stores with pastels hues and bright primary’s, so make sure to visit our plant departments to be inspired with creative planting ideas.

Once inspired, take a pallet of your choosing home by making the most of our celebratory offer – 10 x primroses mix and match* for £10, usual price £1.49 each.

Box Tree Caterpillars

Relevent months: March - October

Box tree caterpillars can be a big problem for plants and if untreated, they can ruin gardens before they have a chance to grow. Box tree caterpillars and moths are generally active from early March to late October, with a peak season between mid-July to the end of September, but with milder winters the Caterpillars can be active earlier and later than this.

We're looking into the best control options and plant alternatives in the garden to counteract the threat of caterpillar damage.

Buying Roses in Winter - A Guide for Customers

Relevent months: November - April

All the roses that come from our growers between November and April have been grown in their fields, lifted when they are dormant, and then potted up ready for the season ahead. They are known as ‘containerised’ roses.

They have the same root system as ‘bareroot’ roses, but differ in that they are already placed in a growing medium that will sustain them, and allow them to establish an extensive root system ready for the growing year ahead. This means that our roses remain healthy and thriving up to the point we sell them on to you our customer.

Looking for further advice?

Please contact our Plants team on 01223 842777 for further information about the stock we have available.

Learn more about the Scotsdales Plant Guarantee for happy healthy plants or read our month by month Guide to learn the best times in the year to action the key areas of your garden to help your home remain vibrant and fresh.

We also have a full Plant Finder section which will provide detailed information about a wide variety of plant life.