Bees & Butterflies Collection

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Pack of 35 bulbs

Collection of nectar rich plants to encourage Bees Butterflies and other pollinators in to your garden.

Flowering Time: May - September

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This collection includes a mix of the following bulbs:

Anemone 'Sylphide' - pink flowers from May onwards flower height approx. 25cm (10in)
Liatris spicata - dark pink flowers June/July flower height approx. 60cm (24in)
Gladiolus 'Guernsey Glory' - salmon pink flowers July/September flower height approx. 60-70cm (24-28in)
Dahlia 'Happy Butterfly' - pink/yellow flowers all summer long flower height approx. 110cm (44in)

Plant March onwards

Picture for illustrative purpose only

Bulbs grown from cultivated stock. Bulbs must not be eaten.