Gro-Sure® Vegetable Growing Compost

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Size: 50L

Gro-Sure® Vegetable Growing Compost has been developed to offer stronger healthier growth and sustained plant development. Containing rich organic matter slow release fertiliser and Phosphorous this premium compost is perfect for growing fruit & veg.

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  • Compost is a mix of 50% peat & 50% West wood fibre giving it a distinctive appearance 
  • West wood fibre is a light fibrous material that provides the following growing benefits: 
    More flowers fruit & vegetables 
    Stronger root systems for healthier plants 
    Controls moisture for less watering
  • Slow release fertiliser with added Phosphorous for stronger root development
  • Potassium for fruit development
  • Nitrogen for healthy growth of green leafed vegetables & suatained plant growth
  • Size: 50L bag