Evergreen® Autumn Lawn Care - 100sqm

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EverGreen® Autumn Lawn Care is the perfect Autumn lawn feed. It greens the grass and controls existing moss. Thanks to its seaweed extracts it also strengthens grass roots to help the lawn withstand harsh winter weather – including cold weather and waterlogging.  With the balance of nutrients designed for this time of year this autumn treatment also ensures your lawn has the energy to spring back to life earlier in spring.

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  • Apply when the weather is fair the soil moist and the grass dry and frost free.
  • EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care can be used around trees in the lawn but avoid contact with the foliage.  Can be applied where bulbs are growing in the lawn provided it is applied after all the bulb foliage has died down naturally.
  • Should not be applied to lawns less than 6 months old.
  • Can be applied from September to November.
  • Size: 3.5kg carton 100 sq.m (120 sq.yd) which can be used to refill the spreader pack making it re-usable time and time again. 
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