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Pack of 2 thongs

Pep up your sandwiches or Sunday lunch by growing your own horseradish.

Planting Time: March

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Horseradish requires a deep rich soil.

Thoroughly and deeply dig over the area to be planted with a fork removing any weeds. Adding well-rotted compost manure or a good fertiliser will improve yields.

Plant the root vertically into a hole so that the top of the root is 5cm (2in) below the surface of the soil and 60cm (24in) apart. Water after planting and keep the soil moist during the growing season.

Harvest in late autumn after the first frosts as this will add to the flavour. Lift and store in damp sand or leave in the ground until required.

Horseradish is prone to spreading to prevent spreading use a large plastic pot with the bottom cut out or sink a strong memrane fabric into the ground around the horseradish to act as a barrier.

Grown from cultivated stock.