Evergreen Easy Spreader +

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The EverGreen Easy Spreader + is an easy to use lawn spreader which provides quick and accurate application of granular lawn care products as well as grass seed.

Product Sku: 341252

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  • This is the spreader for no-fuss application of granular lawn care products. It is quick and easy to initially put together and then simple to use. And thanks to its variable settings it provides accurate controlled and even delivery of a wide range of lawn products. Its 53cm (21in) spreader width also ensures fast application.
  • Even Application for Best Results
  • When using a granular lawn feed it is vital to apply it evenly over the whole lawn at the recommended rate. Otherwise there will be areas that you overfeed – which could damage the grass – or underfeed – which means the grass isn't getting enough nutrients and weeds and moss will be missed and so won't be controlled when using a product that deals with these problems.
  • The easiest way to ensure accurate and even application is to use a lawn spreader – especially on larger lawns.
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Product Sku 341252
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