Peckish Winter Warmer Seed Mix 5kg

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During winter natural food resources are low and our garden birds need a helping hand to survive. With a combination of high energy seeds and grains this mix will provide a variety of garden birds with the energy they will need.

Attracts Dunnocks Robins House Sparrows Long-tailed Tits Greenfinches Blue Tits and other wild birds.

Suitable for use in seed feeders on bird tables and on the ground.

5kg box

Unfortunately this product is currently out of stock on our website, please contact our Great Shelford store on: 01223 842777 to enquire about further availability.

This mix includes: Pinhead Oats Kibbled Peanuts Kibbled Maize Sunflower Hearts Red Millet Linseed Black Rapeseed White Dari and Black Sunflower.

Also includes Calvita® a natural enrichment which contains:
Carotenoids - which develops feather colour and protects them from sunlight damage
Calcium - promotes bone and feather growth and essential for egg production
Vitamins A D E & Biotin - strengthens beaks and bones. Helps growth and reproduction

Allergy Advice: Not suitable for human consumption contains nuts.