Fungus Fly Killer 20sqm

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A nematode treatment for the contol of Fungus Fly larvae (also known as Fungus Gnats and Sciarid Fly larvae).

These tiny flies lay eggs in compost or soil that develop into tiny larvae that feed on organic matter and plant roots. In high numbers they can damage young plants and spread soil borne diseases such as pythium. Once they develop into adults they become a nusiance pest forming small cluds of flies when disturbed.

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An effective and safe method of control is with the use of Steinernema feltia nematodes. These minute worm like creatures are watered into the compost or soil. The nematodes then seek out the sciarid fly/fungus fly larvae and kill the larvae using the the larvae as a reproduction site to produce more nematodes.

  • Pack contains 10 million live nematodes (Steinernema feltiae)
  • Treats up to 20m2
  • Apply when Fungus fly adults or larvae are observed