300 Ice White Connectable L.E.D. Lights

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For Outdoor and Indoor Use 

A set of 300 Ice White L.E.D Connectable lights. Super long approx. 30m from the first to last L.E.D!

Additional sets can be added up to a maximum of 15 sets

Ensure that the plug remains indoors at all times

Unfortunately this product is currently out of stock on our website, please contact our Great Shelford store on: 01223 842777 to enquire about further availability.

  • 300 Ice White LED's (non replaceable bulbs)
  • Length from first LED to last: Approx. 30m
  • Cable length from plug to first LED: Approx. 3m
  • Fitted with BS plug (13amp protected by 3amp fuse)
  • Approx. overall length: 33m