Scotsdales Collection and Safe Storage of Domestic Batteries

What is the battery collection scheme?

Each year in the UK we throw away approx. 600 million batteries. 

Batteries can be found in every room in the house. They are used in electrical and electronic items, for example: toys, remote controls, mobile phones, alarm clocks and even doorbells. In fact, every person in Britain uses about 10 batteries a year! 

Most batteries are put into rubbish bins and then taken to landfill sites. There are different types of batteries which can contain dangerous chemicals including: lead,cadmium, zinc, lithium and even mercury. 

When batteries begin to rot away in landfill sites these chemicals may leak into the ground, which can cause soil and water pollution. When chemicals contaminate soil and water animals, humans and the environment can be harmed. 

Recycling is a great way to help protect the environment. Each battery placed in a recycling bin will be taken apart and the materials will be used to make something new.

Scotsdales want to help keep the UK a cleaner place to live for future generations, and as such, we’re happy to assist anyone that is willing to play their part by accepting old batteries that may otherwise end up in landfill. 

What type of batteries we accept?

Scotsdales can accept the following types of domestic batteries in our in store collection tubes: 

6V D C AA AAA 9V and watch batteries. 

Types we can’t accept?

Car batteries, industrial batteries and batteries with connecting wires cannot be accepted through this scheme. Scotsdales are only able to accept domestic batteries. 

Where to bring them?

We accept domestic batteries in each of our three stores listed below. Upon your visit the domestic battery recycling tubes will be on display, however, should you need any assistance then a member of our team will be more than happy to help. 

Great Shelford

Scotsdales Garden Centre, Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5JT, United Kingdom

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Scotsdales Garden Centre, High Street, Horningsea, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9JG, United Kingdom

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Scotsdales Garden Centre & Nursery Fordham, Market Street, Fordham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5LQ, United Kingdom

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Scotsdales Electrical Take Back Scheme

Scotsdales is also a member of the distributor take back scheme for electrical appliances (specific conditions apply). Please click the link below to learn more about how Scotsdales can assist. 

Scotsdales Electrical Take Back Scheme

Not able to visit Scotsdales?

You can learn more about the battery recycling scheme, including all of the locations in your area on the Recycle More website by clicking on the following link: