Important Information Regarding Tier 4 Restrictions

23rd December 2020 - Tier 4 Restrictions

Following the latest Government announcements regarding Tier 4 restrictions being further introduced, all of our Sunflower Cafe's will now be closed with immediate effect. We have detailed the changes below and ask that you read these prior to your visit.


Sunflower Cafe's

All three of our Sunflower Cafe's are now closed to align with the governments tighter restrictions to contain Covid-19 infections in the South East of England. With staff and customer safety of paramount importance to us, we will not reopen our Cafe's before 1st February 2021. We will however post updates on our social media if there are any further changes to this timeframe.

Reduced Customer Numbers Instore

Please be aware that while open, we will be reducing the number of people allowed in our stores at any given time.

We ask that anyone visiting our stores adhere to the simple rules we have in place. Respect social distancing measures, utilise the hand sanitizing stations in place in the stores and remember to touch as little as possible. The use of face masks in shops remains a necessity at all times. Please be considerate of the people around you when visiting Scotsdales. 


From the entire Scotsdales family we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.