FungusClear® Ultra Gun!

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A systemic fungicide for the control of fungal diseases on roses other flowering and ornamental plants trees shrubs and conifers in the garden greenhous conseravtory and home.

Controls existing infections of  blackspot (roses) powdery mildew and rust.

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  • Use on roses and other flowering and ornamental plants. Protects plants and new growth for 4 months; see the product label for full details.
  • Ideal for spot treating plants at the first sign of disease
  • The fungicide spray gets inside the plant’s sap stream to protect the whole plant even newly emerging leaves.
  • Early treatment is the key to keeping roses and other decorative plants clear of disfiguring plant diseases that distort growth and cause ugly leaf spots. Carry it around the garden while checking for the first signs of plant diseases such as blackspot on roses powdery mildew on lilacs phlox and zinnias and rust on the leaves of geraniums (pelargoniums) hollyhocks and fuchsias.
  • FungusClear Ultra Gun! fights existing disease infections and protects plants against future attack. It contains a systemic fungicide that has a curative action on the existing disease and then works systemically getting inside the leaves to protect new foliage as it unfurls.
  • With a programme of 5 applications protection can last for up to 4 months - and up to 5 months against blackspot and rust on roses.
  • Enhances - leaves shine with plant oils
  • Active ingredient: Triticonazole
  • Size: 1 Litre

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