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Plants and Horticulture are the foundations of Scotsdales business and growth throughout the years. We are primarily a Garden Centre first and foremost and take great pride in offering genuine quality as well as colourful quantity. add more here about the role of planst in Scotsdales and highlight the level of importance to us.


What do our plants teams do?

Plant Maintenance

Day to day maintenance of plant health and quality Weather maintenance preparation - make sure plants are secured ahead of strong winds and covered prior to frosts or heavy rainfall Protection from the sun and consideration of locations used for storage Eradication of pests and subsequent treatment distribution

Customer Service

Retail assistance for customer purchases, discussing suitable plants for requirements of each customer and making appropriate recommendations based on personal horticultural knowledge Care and maintenance queries for new and returning customers facing problems or pre-empting problems with their own plants - providing clear and concise information on steps to relieve the problem and prevent it from re-occuring Advising of appropriate accessories, plant feeds and treatments that might be suitable for individual plants Advise of conditioning for planting and making use of appropriate soil types

Buying and Accessories

Keeping up to date with the latest trends and making sure we're well stocked on the items needed such as new plant ranges, contemporary pots and potting options


What plants do we sell?


Trees & Shrubs

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Wall Climbers


Bedding Plants

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Hanging Baskets


Air Plants




Key Statistics

Every year we sell x number of garden plants / x number of house plants and provide advice to x number of customers 

We sell x number of real cut and potted christmas trees


Why should you work at Scotsdales?


We offer a number of core benefits for our team including store and cafe discounts. Learn more about our range of benefits on our benefits page. 


Understanding people and their needs is essential to the Scotsdales culture. We aim to make all staff feel welcomed and included from their first day to their last.

Opportunities and Training

Providing a platform for growth and development is crucial to the Scotsdales team. We're constantly trying to help our staff better their skills to achieve more both at Scotsdales and beyond.

Our commitment to the future of the planet

As a company, Scotsdales appreciates the impact that we can have on the long-term health and wellbeing of our planet.

We take this responsibility seriously and are contactly striving to make an improved difference, whether that be the products we sell of the help and advice our staff provide. 

We're all in this together. 

Hear from our Team

Team Stories

Let our staff tell you first hand their experiences working within the Scotsdales team.

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Team Quotes

Hear what our current staff feel about working at Soctsdales.

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Our Team

Meet some of the key members of the Scotsdales team at each of our stores.


Need further help?

Please read through our careers FAQ page for any assistance on joining the Scotsdales team.


Looking to apply for a role?

Please note, that all applications will require a CV attached to be considered. We also ask that all applications clearly state which role you are applying for.

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Our Vision

"We are passionate about plants and 100% committed to sourcing and supplying the healthiest, happiest plants we can."
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Our Mission

"We will always prioritise to our local growers first for our stock requirements."

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