Neudorff Refillable Ant Bait Station - 2 Pack

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The Neudorff Refillable Ant Bait Station is a slow acting product providing enough time for an entire nest to be exposed prior to taking effect, allowing for gardens to be cleared effectively and efficiently without fear of reprisals. 

Product Sku: 315580

  • Active ingredient content 0.015 % w/w spinosad 
  • Refillable ant bait stations to control ants on patios, balconies as well as indoors
  • Ants will carry the bait directly into the nest, where it exterminates the entire nest


  • Place the bait box very close to ant nests or directly onto ant trails
  • To control large ant nest use a minimum of two ant bait stations

Packaging: 2 bait stations, 20 ml ant bait liquid