Your Scotsdales Loyalty Points Terms and Conditions


  1. We are launching Scotsdales loyalty points to reward our customers with every shopping experience. Every £1 spent instore will equal to 4 points earned by our customer. For every 100 points collected that customer will have £1 credit that they can use on purchases instore. (This is for every complete £1 on transactions, 99p won’t count towards the total.)

  2. Customers earn points automatically with every spend (except on a small selection of items [see point 16]). They need to swipe their loyalty card on their transaction so that we know what account to load the points to and the till will load these automatically for them.

  3. Customer will not need to action anything specifically. Our till points will flag how many points a customer has once they’ve proceeded to the checkout. There will be the option to use these points immediately or to save them for a future visit and allow them to accumulate for higher spend next time.

  4. Cashiers on the till can check a customer’s balance as long as they have their loyalty card available to swipe. Till receipts will also include how many points a customer account currently has following that transaction.

  5. Loyalty points will expire if an account has not been used instore within a 12 month period. If a new transaction is made within this time then all points will remain on the account. 

  6. The free 200 points we added on launch day which expired in July 2022.

  7. Points can be added to accounts after the point of sale, but these cannot be added at the till point. Please highlight this to a member of staff with your receipt and loyalty card number and a member of the loyalty team will add these points to your account within 14 days.

  8. Points will not be added to customer accounts until after the sale has gone through and so cannot be used on the same transaction that they’re being earnt.

  9. All till receipts will show the customers points balance (previous, earned this sale, redeemed this sale and new balance). If a loyalty card was not swiped then the customer receipt will show (how many points you could have earned) These will feature at the base of the receipt above the barcode. If you feel you missed points, please speak with a member of staff.

  10. Online orders will not automatically add points to loyalty accounts. Customers should email with their order number and loyalty card number, or add their loyalty card number to the order comments on the checkout and the loyalty team will add these to accounts within 14 days.

  11. Points are accumulated per transaction and will not be affected by sales lines (though a number of products will be exempt). Double and triple points will only be available on specific products for limited time periods, but otherwise no further restrictions will apply.

  12. Our points have only been available since April 2022 and historical points will not be added to any accounts for sales prior to this time. As a thank you we are loading 200 points (£2) onto all loyalty accounts for the launch of the system.

  13. Loyalty accounts will still be limited to one per household, but this does mean that customers can earn points quicker if using a joint account.

  14. At present we will not be able to offer the merger of points from accounts to avoid any breaches of GDPR.

  15. Scotsdales points are solely for use in Scotsdales stores and will not be accepted by any of our concessions at Horningsea or Great Shelford.

  16. Loyalty points are not replacing vouchers; however, vouchers are not currently available, but if they return this will be in conjunction with the points and not in place of.

  17. There will be a number of products exempt from earning and redeeming points against. You will not earn points on any of the following product purchases: Scotsdales and HTA gift vouchers, Calor Gas, Postage stamps, service charges (delivery/furniture building).

  18. If you forget your card, you will be able to claim missed points up to 28 days following the transaction date. It may take up to 14 days for these points to be added to your account.


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