National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week - Friday 14th - Friday 21st February 2020

This February will mark National Nest Box Week in the UK. As we remove more and more woodland every year, we also reduce the number of natural opportunities for wild birds to find safe and suitable homes for the chicks. Thats why its important to help create a safe spaces for breeding native birds in your garden. 

Doing your bit is easy, simply install a nest box in a safe and secure location and wait for a breding pair of birds to take up residence. Not only will you be making a difference to the breeding population of wild birds, but you will encourage garden visitors that will be sure to brighten your morning. 

If you want to try to attract specific species of bird, then look out for nest boxes of suitable size for the birds in question. You can also make your garden more attractive by putting out a supply of food tailored for that birds tastes. Wild birds will take a few days to become trustful of new food sources, so don't dispere if your supply isn't touched immedaitely. If you've still yet to have visitors after a week, then it may be a good idea to re-evaluate the positioning of your nest box and/or feeder. 

Nest Boxes

We sell a range of nest boxes at each of our stores, but if you can't make it in person, then we also offer a limited number of options on our webstore. Click here to see what we have in stock today. 

Bird Feed

We also see a wide range of bird feed at all Scotsdales stores including mixed seed, mealworms, suet blocks, peanut butter feeders and sunflower hearts. Click here to see what we have in stock today. 

Bird of the Month

The February Bird of the Month is the Blackbird. Click here to read our latest blog about this garden mainstay, including products to help encourange them to visit you. 

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