Haws Fine As Rain No.1 Small Round Plastic Rose

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Fits most popular cans (Ideal for smaller cans) - Extra Fine Spray

The 'extra fine' holes provided by this rose give a particularly gentle spray making it especially suitable for spraying individual seedtrays pots fine seedlings in the early stages of growth and for foliage.

Unfortunately this product is currently out of stock on our website, please contact our Great Shelford store on: 01223 842777 to enquire about further availability.

  • Round plastic rose head with curved brass face
  • When spraying hold the watering can at a steep angle to the ground or bench so that there is plenty of water pressure at the rose face. Gradually increase this angle as the can empties in order to maintain the spray
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Product Sku 319305
Material Plastic
Brand Haws
Range -
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