Vitax Copper Mixture 175g

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A blend of Copper Manganese and Zinc 3 vital trace elements for use on crops suffering from trace element deficiencies.

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  • Copper deficiency can occur in beets onions & top fruit on peaty sandy and shallow organic chalk soils.
  • Manganese deficiency occurs in many crops including potatoes beans peas brassicas carrots celery fruits & onions in peaty soils with pH above 6.0 and mineral soils above pH 6.5
  • Zinc deficiency can also occur in fruit grown on sandy soils with high pH & phosphate levels
  • Soluble in water - allowing spray application
  • One pack makes 9 litres of spray
  • Mixture contains: 4.5% copper oxychloride 2.7% zinc oxide 9% manganese sulphate
  • 175g pack