The Big Cheese All-weather Block Bait - 15 Blocks

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Pack of 15 bait blocks

Ready to use block to bait and kill mice and rats.

Unfortunately this product is currently out of stock on our website, please contact our Great Shelford store on: 01223 842777 to enquire about further availability.

  • Fits any station - kills mice & rats
  • Indoor & outdoor use around buildings
  • Moisture resistant blocks - bait stays fresh in damp or wet weather
  • 150g


  • Contains 0.005% w/w difenacoum and 0.001% w/w denatonium benzoate

FOR PROTECTION of children pets and non-target animals from the bait and to keep the bait dry and fresh use a tamper resistant bait station. A bait station must be used for rat control.