BugClear™ Ultra Vine Weevil Killer

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Liquid Concentrate

A systemic insecticide compost drench for the control of vine weevil and other pests in pots hanging baskets and other containers outdoors and in conservatories.

  • KILLS vine weevils and their larvae
  • PREVENTS further attacks
  • Because BugClear™ Ultra Vine Weevil Killer is systemic it is absorbed by the roots and circulates around the whole plant so will also kill whitefly greenfly blackfly scale insects and mealybug attacking the leaves and other above-ground parts of the plant. Will also kill larvae within the soil on contact.
  • BugClear™ Ultra Vine Weevil Killer only has approval for use on ornamental and flowering plants growing in containers. It cannot be used on the soil in the garden or on edible crops.
  • It can be used from April to September. April and August/September are the vine weevil's main egg-laying times.
  • Active Ingredient: Acetamiprid
  • Size: 480ml concentrate will treat up to 20 x 20cm (8") pots.

Clear® is a registered trademark of The Scotts Company LLC or its subsidaries

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