Westland Sulphate Of Iron 1.5kg

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A ready to use granular soil conditioner and feed ideal for ericaceous/acid-loving/lime-hating plants.

Product Sku: 313882

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  • Sulphate of Iron makes soil more acidic enabling special acid-loving plants to take up nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. For these special plants if the soil becomes to alkaline they suffer severe deficiencies when essential nutrients such as iron become unavailable. Sulphate of Iron enriches and unlocks these nutrients
  • Iron (Fe) soluble in water 19.5% 
  • Ready to use granules
  • Strong root growth
  • Richer, green foliage
  • Acidifies the root zone
  • Prevents leaf yellowing
  • Contains iron
  • Size 1.5kg
  • Manufacturer: Westland
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Product Sku 313882
Brand Westland
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