Miracle-Gro Azalea, Camellia & Rhododendron 500g

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Soluble Plant Food

Specially formulated to give just what acid-loving or lime-hating plants need for healthy growth and lots of flowers. Used regularly from flowering to late summer this special plant food will encourage strong healthy leaves and big flower buds to give a beautiful display of flowers the following spring.




  • Makes up to 30 watering cans
  • Can be applied by watering can or with the Miracle-Gro feeder (sold separately)
  • Contains:
    Nitrogen - which makes sure your plants have healthy lush green leaves
    Sequestered iron which is easy for ericaceous plants to take up even in alkaline soil and is essential to prevent leaf yellowing.
    Phosphate - which makes sure you get strong roots
    Potash - which gives you more flowers amd makes plants more resistant to disease and drought
    Micro-nutrients - essential for all round plant health
  • NPK: 16-6-16
  • 500g 
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