Welcome to the Your Scotsdales loyalty app


Introducing the new Your Scotsdales Scan & Go loyalty app, designed to make shopping quick and contactless, creating a safer and more efficient experience in-store.

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The Your Scotsdales loyalty app makes shopping in store as simple as picking up a product, scanning the barcode and heading to the checkouts to complete payment.

By scanning as you go, you can limit the possible queuing times at the checkouts and reduce the contact on the items you're purchasing. 

Watch the video below to see just how quick and easy the app is to use whilst shopping in any Scotsdales store.

To read our step by step guide on how to use the app click here.



We know you're as keen as we are to create a greener and more sustainable future. The Your Scotsdales loylty app brings Scotsdales one step closer to that goal.

Each time you use our Scan & Go feature your purchase receipt will be stored in the app, meaning no more printed receipts and saving the trees. Another added benefit of storing your receipts on the app is if you do want to return an item you've purchased, you won't have to search far for your proof of purchase.



The Your Scotsdales loyalty app is available on all devices for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Download today to discover your exclusive rewards and enhanced in-store shopping experience.



For an in-depth tutorial on how to use the app in store click here, otherwise please read through our FAQ to get you started with the app. 
If you can't find the answer to your question below, email loyalty@scotsdales.com, contact your local store or speak to a member of staff in store.

Please note during busy times we may have to impose a cap on items in baskets as part of our fraud prevention measures.


Can I use Scan & Go in all stores?

Yes, just select the correct store at the top of the screen before you start scanning.


Does Scan & Go work on all smartphones?

Scan & Go is available on Google play and the Apple App Store. Please make sure you have the latest version downloaded on your phone.


Once I have scanned my shopping, can I pack it into a bag?

Yes, but please be aware that the checkout assistants will need to review your order before completing the purchase. Security tagged items will require de-tagging. Please put these to one side and the checkout assistant will remove the tags for you.


How do I know if what I have scanned is correct?

The app will allow you to review your order before selecting the "Pay at Till" option. You can always go back to your cart and delete items or change quantities if there are discrepancies. There will always be a member of staff at the checkouts and throughout the store to help.


How can I remove items from my cart?

To the right hand side of the items, there is a bin icon. By selecting this you will remove the item from your shopping cart. Underneath the item description you can add or subtract quantities.


What are App Exclusive Vouchers?

Alongside our loyalty vouchers, you will also receive extra vouchers throughout the year that are exclusive to the Loyalty App users only, including a Loyalty App exclusive birthday voucher.


What is my loyalty account number?

Your account number is a unique reference of which all your loyalty cards are registred to. Some users may have more than one card registered to their account due to replacements. The number present on the reverse of your loyalty card, below the signature strip is not the account number, this is your card number.


How do I receive my loyalty account number?

Please ring 01223 842777 and request your number from the information team. Alternatively if you are visiting one of our stores then please ask a member of staff at the checkouts and information desk.


Will checkout staff check my shopping?

Yes, the team at the checkout will be reviewing your shopping. The team are also instructed to perform random rescans throughout the day. Please do not panic if your shopping is rescanned, it is a precautionary measure performed on shopping chosen at random.

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