Jobs to do in the garden this January

Jobs to do in the garden this January

Published: 1st January 2020

Jobs to do in the garden this January

We’ve passed the shortest day of the year, which can only mean that we’re heading headfast into the new year and those frosty months.

It’s time to burn those Christmas calories by getting in the garden, fight off the winter blues by releasing those endorphins whilst simultaneously creating a tidy outdoor space ready for the up-coming blooming spring months.

Here’s our tips on what to do this January in your garden.

Christmas Trees
Cut Christmas trees can be recycled into mulch which will help keep the moister in during winter and protect tender plants from frost damage.

Caring for Nature
It’s vital this time of year to keep up with feeding wild birds and animals as their natural food sources will be scarce and they’ll need to build their fat supplies to survive the winter. To find out what the ideal feeds are for the different wild birds and animals visit our bird of the month blogs here or speak to a member of our garden care team.

  • Sunflower Hearts 12.75kg £24.99
  • Peckish natural balance seed mix £9.99
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  • Fresh water daily

  • Hedgehog food from £0.79 – £9.49

The Christmas Rose
Hellebores, also known as the Lenten or Christmas rose will still be flowering through until early spring, so take the time to cut away the old and damaged leaves to make the most of this flowering evergreen.

Planting and caring for Fruit plants
If the soil isn’t frozen then January is the ideal time to plant bare-root fruit trees or bushes, you’ll also want to start pruning currants and gooseberry bushes.

Getting ready for spring
A simple job to tackle this month is just to clean the pots and greenhouses ready for planting up in the spring.
Any containers which are already planted up will need a little attention, deadhead where necessary and remove debris regularly. If space allows add in some winter bedding plants like cyclamen and pansies. You’ll find great multibuy offers on pack bedding at Scotsdales stores, so adding a splash of colour to your garden during the winter months can be easily achieved on a budget.

Pathways need a little care this time of year, clean away any algae to prevent them becoming slippery and lay enough salt before the ice hits but not too much that may cause damage to nearby plants.

Seeds and bulbs
If your new years’ resolution is to start growing your own then a great place to start is with the ever versatile potato. They’re an easy and ideal produce to grow even in a small space with the use of potato sacks. With a little bit of planning you can stagger your crops from earlies, to second earlies through to main crop varieties to have a constant supply for most of the year.

Visit our potato blog for a full list of the potatoes available, when to grow them and how to get the best results.

Along with the seed potatoes you’ll also find onion and summer bulbs will be arriving from 11th January 2020.

Frost protection
Keep tender plants in the greenhouse or in a cold frame if not done so already. You should also raise any containers on feet and keep them grouped against a house wall to utilise the warmer temperature.

Aluminium Gro Zone Cold Frame – £39.99

Any terracotta pots that aren’t frost proof should be moved indoors or in a shed, failing that wrapping in bubble wrap or fleece should prevent cracking.

Camelia flowers are beautiful but the newly emerging buds can drop when touched with frost, so fleece the plant during icy spells, along with other tender plants, bananas and tree ferns. Straw which can be found in our pet departments makes for a good frost protection for fruit plants such as strawberries and will mulch down over the season.
Fleece is available on the roll or in a variety of bag sizes from our garden care department.

Gro Zone Tunnels, available in polythene and micro mesh. 3.1m long – £12.99, as seen in Beautiful Gardens Magazine 2020

For more tips on how to get the best from your garden this winter, inspirational planting ideas and more please speak to a member of staff in store and we’ll be back again in Feb for more tips for the garden.