In the Garden - November

In the Garden - November

Published: 29th October 2019

Jobs in the Garden this November – Part 1

Halloween is over for another year and therefore welcome to the start of November, the last month of autumn.
The Cambridgeshire area has already faced a week of scraping the car windows before heading off to work, so you should start to look at frost protection in the garden, which our garden care teams will happily talk you through.

Once you’re prepped for the chillier months you can get stuck into these essential jobs this month.

  1. Plant tulip bulbs now for a colourful display next spring. Arrange them in bold groups in borders or patio pots – dwarf, medium and tall growing varieties are now available.

  2. Insulate and turn off the water supply to all outside taps and irrigation systems. Bring all your hosepipes and watering cans indoors, and store them undercover for the winter.
  3. Regularly check plants growing in containers to ensure the compost doesn’t dry out. Even after a period of rain, the compost can still be quite dry, so water if required when weather allows.
  4. Inspect potted bulbs that are being forced for Christmas and New Year flowering on a regular basis, and water them sparingly if necessary.
  5. Before putting lawn mowers away for the winter, ensure that they’re dry and clean. Remember to drain out any fuel – unleaded petrol doesn’t keep, and may cause problems when you try to start up the engines again next year.
  6. Rake fallen leaves from lawns, borders and garden ponds. You can add the leaves to the compost heap, or make them into leaf mould.

    Scarify and spike lawns to improve surface drainage and aeration – apply an autumn feed and moss killer if required.

  7. Now is the perfect time to plant soft fruits such as raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries and currants. Plant them all into well-prepared soil.

  8. Pot up hippeastrum (amaryllis) bulbs for Christmas and early New Year flowering. Keep them in a warm position and water when necessary.

We’ll be back again later this month with more jobs to help you keep your garden looking its best throughout the seasons.