House plant of the month – April

House plant of the month – April

Published: 2nd April 2019

House plant of the month – April – Begonias

Begonias originate from the warm, damp forest regions of New Guinea, southern Africa and the Andes, where 1,895 different species have thrived. There are two types of begonia; the flowering begonia and the foliage begonia. The flowering begonia is recognised by its full, plump flowers in bright colours such as red, pink, orange, white and yellow; whereas the foliage type has distinctive velvet leaves that are marked with silver, pink, burgundy and green patterns, more than making up for the absence of flowers.


Looking after your Begonia

When choosing your begonia look out for a plant which is in proportion to its pot, and choose a location that gets plenty of light, but don’t place them in direct sunlight. Begonia soil should be damp so make sure you are watering them twice a week at least.

It’s best to avoid spraying begonias as this can cause mildew, which you can minimise by keeping the soil clear of dead plant litter. You’ll also find deadheading the wilted flowers will help encourage new flowers to shoot through. To keep flowers blooming for as long as possible, make sure you are feeding them once a week.


Where to buy Begonias?

We have a selection of Begonias at each of our three stores in the Cambridge area, please contact your local store or visit us today.

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