House Plant of the Month - May

House Plant of the Month - May

Published: 1st May 2019

House Plant of the Month – May – Bathroom Plants

Bathrooms can be great places for plants! Often dimly lit & humid spaces, they replicate tropical rainforest environments making them the perfect place for all those humidity-loving plants to thrive in. We’ve made choosing plants for your bathroom really easy by providing you with our top tropical plant choices. Something for all spaces! Guaranteed to liven up your bathroom instantaneously.

Air Plant

The Tillandsia, more commonly known as the Air Plant, has a reputation of being one of the easiest house plants to own. Not only can air plants survive without soil, but they don’t need watering either! Air plants can survive from the moisture in the air, which makes them a perfect, mess-free plant for a humid bathroom. The best variety would be the Epiphytic Tuseneoides, also known as Spanish Moss, which has cascading mossy leaves. Or for some colour, try the flowering Tillandsia Cyanea or Tillandsia Flabellata, these will be sure to fill your bathroom with beautiful reds, pinks and blues.

Peace Lily

The Spathipyllum, or more commonly known as the Peace Lily, is a beautiful flowering plant which lives very happily in a bathroom setting because of its green, glossy leaves. They’re perfect for a dimly lit bathroom that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, and will thrive off the bathroom’s humidity. Peace lilies are also great for their varying sizes; smaller plants would fill a bathroom shelf nicely, whereas larger varieties can grow almost to the height of a person – ideal for a statement look in your bathroom. Click here, for more information on the Peace Lily. (link to peace lily article)

Maidenhair fern

The gorgeous Maidenhair fern is a light and delicate plant which softens the décor of any room. This fern is another plant that’s very comfortable with a humid environment like a bathroom, and is fairly low maintenance because it should only be fed every 3 to 4 weeks during their growing season. Maidenhair ferns specifically are very forgiving to their owners because of their fantastic ability to bounce back from the dead. So, if you’re worried about looking after your plants, the Maidenhair fern is a great low-maintenance choice to add a little life to your bathroom.

Ficus Pumila

The Ficus Pumila, otherwise known as the creeping fig, comes as both a hanging plant and a climber with leaves in green, white, or yellow varieties. A hanging creeping fig is ideal for a smaller bathroom that doesn’t have a lot of floor space. The young plants have small rounder leaves which grow as they get older. However, a word of caution: creeping figs are toxic to cats and dogs, so if your furry friends like to hang out in your bathroom, a ficus pumila is not recommended.

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